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Taxa metabólica
Taxa metabolica

Ratemetabolic basal

The basal metabolic rate (BMR) corresponds to the energy consumption by an individual at rest, disregarding the effects of food consumption, physical activity and mental or physiological stress.

The rate can be evaluated by indirect calorimetry, a method that determines the energy needs from the consumption of oxygen and the production of carbon dioxide obtained through the air inspired and expired by the lungs.

Peso e taxa metabólica

How to take the exam?

The exam can be performed in the office, the patient performs tests so that the ratemetabolic basal is measured using a devicecalled indirect calorimetry. Knowing the levels of the metabolic rate is essential for the goal to be achieved, be it weight loss or muscle mass gain.

"...It is the amount of energy needed to maintain the body's vital functions, being measured under standard conditions of fasting, physical and mental rest in a quiet environment with temperature control, lighting and without noise."

(Bursztein et al., 1989; Garrow, 1974; Harris & Benedict, 1919).

as the ratemetabolic influence weight loss

Basal metabolic rate values vary according to age, weight and gender, and are used to calculate the total amount of energy that the body spends per day, being a tool to assist in the food planning of people who wish to maintain the weight, gain or lose weight.

Basal metabolic rate can influence body weight, as the lower the body's energy expenditure at rest, the lower the expenditure of calories throughout the day, which can contribute to overweight and obesity. On the other hand, the higher the basal metabolic rate, the greater the total caloric expenditure, helping to lose weight.


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