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muscle balancing

Muscle balancing aims to balance the body through the neuromuscular response to the mechanical stimulus triggered by the therapist.
Muscles have access to the entire brain, that is, muscles can trigger and store subconscious processes which are the cause of disease. It is what Carl Jung (psychoanalyst) called psychosomatics.

To think is to vibrate, it is to exist, and so, if there is a constant and persistent negative thought and this activates a mental trigger that triggers emotions like anger,  fear, worries, a_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ sadness or anxiety then occurs a repetition of erroneous thought-emotion patterns and sufferable mentally and physically. As much as the person consciously tries to disassemble the persistent thought, there is no way to avoid it, because the emotional memory of the pain is in the body.

Um retrato de um jovem com um anel no nariz

Story moment...

Imagine that on a certain day you were driving your car and you had a traffic accident. And that he hit his head on some sharp object. You open the car door, run your hand over your head and see a lot of blood on your hand and you are very scared. You didn't realize it, but you made a muscular movement and linked it to emotional pain (panic). 

After a few days or months you noticed that every time you ran your hand over your head and remembered the accident, your heart inadvertently raced and you felt insecure.
Ready! You consciously know that you are in an emotional imbalance, but you did not link this imbalance to the accident!

In this therapy, one can disassociate   the three levels of the mind, the ID, the EGO and the SUPEREGO and in this way soften the process that he suffered in the car crash.
It's as if we could "format", rebalance the body movement that causes pain. In other words, with the treatment you will be able to run your hand over your head and not feel afraid, as the information that that movement triggers pain in the body and mind has been removed from the body.
The "emptiness" you feel on certain days is left behind and you don't know the reason for that emptiness.

Mulher sorridente

Those who perform the treatment end up getting to know each other more   and begin to identify  repetitive patterns of mental and physical suffering. This technique is widely used for obesity and organic dysfunctions such as allergies, persistent muscle pain and mental disorders such as depression and anxiety. In addition to the nutritional part with the prescription of an adequate diet and a homeopath, I also carry out the treatment through muscle balancing in an individualized way and seek the improvement of the patient.


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