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Mineralogram by spectrophotometry is an intracellular biophotonic detection method for Mineral.


Spectrophotometry for nutrition, because you need to do.

The method performed for the determination of toxic metals used by spectrophotometry is capable of providing results in parts per million (ppm), equivalent to 0.0001%. In this way, it is a safe and indisputable way of measuring poisoning by toxic metals.

“Mineral analysis on palmar skin epithelial cells measures the level of minerals in human tissue. It also measures the metabolic efficiency with which certain minerals are deposited into the protein being synthesized and can be related to a variety of subtle, diagnostically useful metabolic criteria that have nothing to do with whether or not a given mineral is ingested. "(blend)".

How the exam is performed

The level of each mineral reveals possible deficiencies or excesses, in addition to the presence of toxic metals that can cause direct and indirect damage to the individual, by replacing or metabolically blocking useful minerals.

The report ofmineralogramconsists of data obtained by detecting biophotonic emissions of atoms and molecules of elements present in palmar skin cells.

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Advantages of Mineralogram by spectrophotometry

Oblood test

provides information about mineral levels in your body only at the time of the exam. If you only eat one banana, the test may indicate a high potassium level. The advantage of the spectrophotometric result is that it indicates the overall potassium level – that is, actual storage levels.

Ourine analysis

it can only measure the minerals excreted. In contrast, measurement by spectrophotometry measures what is being absorbed by the body as fuel.

the scalp

shows the amount of minerals present in a short period of time. In less than a week, the minerals present in the scalp can change, this is due to variations in humidity in the air and/or the use of chemical products on the hair, such as hair dyes, shampoo, creams, etc. In the evaluation by spectrophotometry, the values are not influenced by daily, weekly or monthly fluctuations

Mineral analysis by spectrophotometry emerges as an important type of analysis for orthomolecular nutrition. The dosage of minerals present in a sample of palmar skin, easily obtainable and usable, reflects the mineral content present inside the cells.

OMINERALOGRAMit allows the nutritionist to adapt the therapeutic procedures with other devices, as well as carry out the chelation treatment (removal) of toxic minerals through specific supplements.

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