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Pesos da nutrição esportiva

Sports nutrition

It is Sports Nutrition that is responsible for providing the body with the necessary nutrients to supply the body, both in relation to the needs for the practice of sport and in relation to the nutrients that the body needs to balance health. Thus, joining sports practice to health and the latter to the optimization of physical results, whether in strengthening the cardio-respiratory system or even in the athletic improvement of people at different stages of life, in addition to weight loss.

Treinar com nutricionista esportivo

Sports nutrition is for you!

Sports Nutrition is understood as a specialty of Nutrition aimed at serving people who practice physical activity regularly and who intend to use their diet to positively impact their athletic performance.

5 benefits of sports nutrition

Levantando Kettlebells
Mulher com luvas de treino

Sports Nutrition is not just for high performance athletes.

Its practice also covers anyone who regularly engages in physical activity and wants to adjust their diet for better results.

Sports Nutrition is beneficial for health in different ways, offering many advantages to those who practice it.

See five of the main benefits of its use here below:



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