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The approach used in the office takes into account 3 pillars for the treatment of the individual, which are:

1. Chemistry;

2. The mind;

3. The body structure.

And with the analysis of these 3 pillars, or rather, with the analysis of the weakening of one of the 3 pillars,   arises the unicist individual diagnosis for the improvement of the symptoms of the disease and the improvement of the body structure.

For example, obesity may be maintained by atraumaorescape (fear) from realityunsupported by the individual and with the unicist treatment, with the adjustment of the body chemistry by the diet and by orthomolecular, homeopathic, phytotherapeutic and body detoxification treatments, the person is able to see himself in a different way, affecting his mentality (Mindset) and managing to maintain it. get out of obesity.

The consequence of this will be the maintenance of the lost fat weight or the maintenance of muscle mass due to the psychosomatic alteration (mind-body).

We are beings inseparable from the mind-body reality. Alterations of behavioral patterns (mind) alter the body structure and adjust the molecular chemistry (body) in a cycle of generating consciousness and physical health.

The treatment goes through cycles of verification of the individual's physical structure and chemical composition. This is done through laboratory tests, clinical analysis and various other procedures linked to diagnosis through Chinese medicine and quantum medicine (psychoneuroendocrinephysiology).

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