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Treatment with homeopathies


As they are natural therapies, nutrition and homeopathy complement each other, and then homeopathic dietetics appears. Both therapies use the law of similarity as a way of treating. The idea of similarity or analogy permeates the history of humanity and was a subject discussed by several philosophers such as Plato and Hippocrates. From this, what matters to us is that in the 18th century, with Hahnemann, in the practical application of the “Similia similibus curantur” (like cures like) homeopathy was created. Which has become the most hormonal, subtle and stable way to improve the symptoms of the disease.


In the middle of the 20th century, homeopathic dietetics appears. Food is the medicine similar to the expression of the ME, the EGO or the PERSONA. Such similarities were generalized and discriminated in constitutions, called homeopathic constitutions, which are nothing more than archetypes (types) based on physiological and mental characteristics.

Subsequently, the concept of healing based on the biological terrain appears. Did you know that  many people take supplements and vitamins and often get sick, have no mood, stamina, energy, have low immunity, why?

This is because its biological terrain is not well taken care of. The ecology of the body is not in balance. Our cells are the biological terrain of beneficial bacteria and thus, through symbiosis (mutual help) one maintains the life of the other.

Biological land adjustment would be what farmers do to adjust the land before planting. Taking care of the biological terrain means detoxifying the cells and consequently the organs that have a predilection for the accumulation of toxins.

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Each person has a distinct predisposition to illness, that is, you must balance your biological terrain so that you don't get sick too quickly, you must do your part so that "our friends", the good bacteria, do their part !

Every living being has a tendency to imbalance. This happens either because of a lack of vitamins and minerals, or because of congenital organic deficiencies or environmental intoxication factors.

What matters is that only a subtle, light and trauma-free treatment on the biological level would be able to harmonize the patient, saving vital energy and unblocking the body's energy nuclei so that it heals in the best possible way. Here we have what can be called psychosomatic unblocking or improvement of the biological terrain.

Yes! The goal is to adapt the biological terrain in the same way that the farmer does with the land before planting.

In practice, we can cite accelerated aging as a way of unbalancing the biological terrain, although this is not the only cause. For example, as you age, blood becomes more acidic for some people and some diseases, like cancer for example, develop in an acidic environment, so cancers are more common as you get older. As you manage to keep the blood more alkaline, more health and vigor such people can have.

However, there are people who, on the contrary, are extremely alkaline, and thus acquire diseases that arise in very alkaline environments, such as reflux and hormonal deficiencies in menopause.

Just as we excrete after eating, that is, we urinate and defecate,   cells also do it, cells excrete, they also “evacuate”, whether foreign molecules contained in medicines, or any industrialized food product that is ingested such as preservatives, flavorings, artificial colors. In other words, the natural organic excrement of the  cell is an acid or some alkaline substance. Everything the cell doesn't need it eliminates. Everything down to what would be good like vitamins and minerals she keeps.

Cellular excrement can disrupt the biological terrain and thus cause disease. 

Medicina homeopática

Homeopathy is a therapy for harmonizing the biological terrain. It treats the systems through cellular drains. Doing not only organic cleansing, but also mental and emotional cleansing. Assisting the patient in maintaining health and maintaining the diet calculated exclusively.

In addition to being a natural form of treatment, the use of homeopathies brings benefits to the patient and prevents treatment with controlled-use medications, for example, which can harm the body's health in the long term.



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