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Mulheres em forma

For women

Here you will find tips, information and services to improve your health, skin, hair, nails and learn to deal better with your hormones.

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Everything you need to know to improve your hair's health the right way, from the inside out.

HAIR - Do you know how your hair grows? What are the stages of development? Come get to know each other and find out how your hair grows and how I will help you with your #projectorapunzel!

GROWTH - Everything you need to know to accelerate hair growth and how it happens right there on your scalp.

FALL - Do you know why hair falls out and what you can do to reduce or reverse this fall?

FINALIZING - Here we finish this short course for you to improve your hair. If you've watched this far, be sure to watch this last video, it has a special recipe for hydrating, growing and disinflaming your scalp. 

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